Creative Application: Pin Pal Letters From Different Regions

Dear Zukaki,

How are you today?  I’m doing well.  I live in a small town called Singapore that is quite the sight.  It really is a bunch of little islands that are considered a nation as one.  We are three times the size of Washington D.C.  Where do you live?  We are located in Southeast Asia.  We’re very close to the equator so we considered being a tropical wet rain forest climate.  It is very warm and moist down here.  I wonder how hot it is where you live.  The moist air and the heat will make sweat a lot and you’ll have to drink a lot of water.  We have lots of trees and different types of wild life that are very interesting like bats, long-tailed Macaque, mousedeer, Sunda Pangolin, and much more.  I would like to know the animal life that you have where you live.  During the Northeast Monsoon Season, which might be called fall and winter from where you come, we get a lot more rain than usual, but it is still not cold we are still in the 70s when it comes to temperature.  We still can wear shorts and short sleeve shorts.  Nothing really change from the season to season.  How is the climate where you live and what kind of clothes do you wear when the weather changes


Nitsuj Yrrebesoog

Dear Nitsuj,

How are you today?  I am doing well today.  I live in Alaska, United States.  We are nowhere near the equator and it gets freezing cold up here.  We are a part of Canada, but are a state in the United States.  We are a subarctic area meaning are high latitude and don’t get that much sunlight.  Even though we have a subarctic area we still have summer and it can get pretty hot but at night it gets pretty cold all the way to the negatives, this when have to bundle up and keep warm.  We can wear regular clothes in the afternoon and evening.  We have moose, bear, caribou, wolves, and lots of varieties of fish, but not as much wildlife as y’all.


Zukaki Iroc

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