Summary: The Elements of Geography

Geography is the study of the location people and places around the world. Geography consist of five main elements. When studying geography you look at the site, place, and the region. The site is the specific location. The place is the particular space with physical and human meaning. Regions are areas with the same characteristics. There many different ways to describe a region. A functional region and perceptual region. A functional

region is a central place and the surrounding areas linked to it. The perceptual is defined by the image and not the objective data. When studying geography you plot points by using the terms Longitude and Latitude. Longitude is the degrees east and west of the equator. Latitude is the degrees north and south of the equator.

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2 thoughts on “Summary: The Elements of Geography

  1. What are the five main elements of geography?

  2. @Josie the world in spacial terms, places and religions, physical systems, environment and society, and the uses of geography

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