Hi, my name is Tashi. ever since i was a little girl my parents and i have strongly believed in the Buddhist faith. In fact my name means prosperity. there are many sects and branches, but they can commonly be divided into three. I am part of the Theravada sect. This means the way of the elders. This sect flourished mainly in Southern Asia, which is where i am from. Also this means I follow the original ways of Buddha. The Purpose of this sect is to become a Arhat . There are four steps to become an Arhat. These four stages include Sotapanna, Sakadagamin, Anagamin, and Arhat. My religion emerged from the century CE.  The Theravada scriptures are the Pali language recension of the Tipitaka. This consists of the Vinaya, the rules governing monastic life; the Suttas, the teachings of the Buddha; and the Abhidhamma, the systematic explanation of the Buddha’s teachings. Central components of Theravada rituals are preaching and chanting by monastics and giving offerings by laypersons. Rituals include the fortnightly uposatha observance, annual holidays such as Vesakha, and occasional rituals such as funerals and rites for the dead.

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