Hello, my name is Hea Woo Kohng. I live in Chunghak-dong, South Korea along with many other Confucianism worshipers. I worship the religion of Confucianism, which began over 2500 years ago in China. My beliefs are based on the ideas of Confucius, our wise spiritual leader. His teachings were published in a book called the Analects, which is our sacred text. The Yin-Yang is a sacred symbol of my religion. It symbolizes the peace offered by our philosophies. Yin is the dark half, representing the weak element, while Yang is the light half, representing the strong element, therefore balancing each other. The sacred site in which we worship is the temple at Qufu, a group of buildings built in dedication to Confucius. We gather at this site every year to celebrate the anniversary of the birthday of Confucius. I believe that Confucianism is a wonderful religion, for it teaches us ethical behavior and a good way of life.

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