Hello, my name is Abraham. I practice the religion Judaism, which was the first major religion to believe that there was one God. I live in Tunis, which is the capital of Tunisia. Judaism is probably the most practiced religion in my area, but there are other religions that are practiced here, too. I believe that God expects me to live an ethical life, for one day he will send an era of universal peace. There are four different branches of Judaism, including Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist. My family and I are Orthodox Jews, which is the most traditional of them all. The sacred text that we follow is the Torah, which are the five books of Moses. This book tells about the origin of Jews and our laws. Our sacred symbol is the menorah, which is used during Hanukkah. It symbolizes the dedication of the Temple of Jerusalem. When we go to worship, we go to the Western Wall, which is the last remains of the Second Jerusalem Temple. Annually in September or October, after the Rosh Hashanah (new year’s), we have a day-long celebration called the Yom Kippur, which is the holiest day on our calendar. During Yom Kipper, we don’t eat or drink for the whole day, and are told to reflect on what happened over the year, and we are given forgiveness for our sins.

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