Indigenous Religion

Hello, my name is Ruguru, I live in the Africa and we don’t have a specific religion so we call them indigenous religions.  There are many indigenous religions in other parts of the World like isolated parts in the Americas, Japan, and Australia.  We believe that people are a part of nature which is called animism and are seen in many indigenous religions.  The origin of the religion was creation myths, which are stories about how the world and nature was created.

In Africa they have celebration where women do a jumping dance or Masai boys a ceremonial dress and wear a mask, which is used to celebrate the harvest, for a ritual.  In Japan Shinto is the biggest indigenous religion founded.  There are more than one God.  These gods are called kami.  The priest live on shrine grounds, which are built in places of natural beauty to connect the relation between people and nature.  In Australia Aboriginals have no gods.  It is based on dreaming.  They believed that their ancestors had created all people, plants, and animal life and also that they continued the control the natural world.

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