Hello, my name is James Wildow, I live in the Arkansas in the United States and I am a Christian.  I go to a Baptist Church that practices the religion intensely.  There are many other types of Christianity like Pentecostal, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestants and more.  I believe the whole bible.  I believe there is only one God.  I don’t believe that the Earth was made by science but by God and I also believe that God sent his only son down to Earth to get rid all the sinning that was going on.  The origins of Christianity are in the 1st Century when Jesus was born, life, teachings, death, and resurrection.  That is where Christian derives from which means followers of Jesus Christ.  There are so many places where they practice this religion.

Some sacred text is that the Bible is the spirituals text for Christians and that it was inspired by God.  A sacred symbol is Jesus hanging from the cross dying for our sins.  Some sacred site to visit is the birthplace of Jesus, this little Church in the heart of Bethlehem.  We celebrate Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter.  Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus and Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus and Good Friday is the holiday of his death.

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