12.1 Summary: Cultures

Main Idea

The centuries-old cultures of northern Europe shape daily life in the region today.”


Language, religion, education, health care, and the arts are important aspects of European culture. Northern Europe’s language is mainly Indo-European, including English, Swedish, etc. Countries in northern Europe value religious freedoms. Most are protestant, but other small religions exist. In these countries, school is mandatory for at least 10 years. Nearly 100 percent of people are literate. Health care is very important in northern Europe. Countries that offer complete social welfare programs funded by the government are called welfare states. The arts in these countries are very significant. William Shakespeare, for example, who was a British writer, is one of the most successful writers of all time. Romanticism in the late 1700s centered around emotions, historical events, and struggles of individuals. This period was a time of new views of art, such as literature, art, and music. It was seen as outrageous, because it was different than Classicism, the period before romanticism. It destroyed the order and balance of classicism, and provided the people arts that evoked emotions. It were more than just a picture or piece of music; there was a story behind it.

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