12.4 Summary: Population Patterns

The People

–    Most eastern Europeans are ethnically Slavic

–    Slavs are descended from Indo- European peoples who migrated from Asia and settle in the region

–    They are divided in 3 area— east Slavs, west Slavs, south Slavs

–    Ethnics and cultural groups are the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Serbs, Croats, and the Muslims

–    The easternmost part of Europe is home to people in Russian and Ukrainian origin

–    Ukrainian people came from Slavic groups

–    Slavs are ancestors to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

–    Roma people are found in many eastern European countries

Density and Distribution

–    Population density and distribution is determined by geographic factors

–    Ukraine and Poland has fertile soil and abundant water

–    Ukraine has a population of 47.1 million residents and a population density of 202 people per sq. mile

–    Economic and political circumstances can determine emigration and migration

–    Industrialization led to urbanization in the 1900s in eastern Europe

–    Most of the population of Eastern Europe live in and around large cities and towns

–    After the reign over the Soviet Union many cities experienced rebirth

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