13.1 Summary: Transportation and Communication

Railways and Highways

–    Railways a connect Europe’s major cities and airports and link natural resources to major industrial centers

–    France engineer the use of high speed train in 1981 with the trains a grand vitesse

–    TGV cause less damage to the environment

–    The also operate in Germany, Italy, and Spain

–    Bridges and tunnels carry traffic over or through barriers posed by water, mounts., and valleys

–    2000 Denmark and Sweden opened a rail and road bridge linking Sweden to western Europe

–    A high speed rail triangle connects Paris, Brussels, and London passing underneath the English Channel

–    German road, called autobahnem, are among Europe’s best roads

Seaports and Waterways

–    Europe handles more than half of the world’s international shipping

–    Netherlands is the biggest port in surface area, the amount of freight handled, and number of ships that can dock at once

–    Europe’s many canals and river make transporting goods less cost than other regions

–    The Rhine River carries more rivers that any other river

–    Main-Danube Canal connects the Black Sea to the North Sea


–    INTELSATs uses series of satellites to broadcast and receive television programs

–    Eurovision network was in western Europe

–    Intervision network was in eastern Europe

–    The two merged together in 1993 now called European Broadcasting Union

–    Telephone and print vary in Europe

–    Western European telephone systems include cable and microwave radio relay, fiber optics, and satellite

–    Western Europeans use cell phones, electronic mail, and the Internet

–    Eastern Europe doesn’t have high quality service

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