Economic activities

Main Idea: European economies are based on Different combinations of manufacturing, service and technology, and agriculture. Economic activities in europe are related to the natural resources, people, and culture of the area. Industry:

  • The industrial revolution made europe the birthplace of maodern industry


  • The development of industry is linked to availibility of raw material
  • In the 1800s Europe’s large deposits of coal and iron ore sparked the growth of heavy industry
    • Heavy Industry: the manufacture of machinery and industrial equipment
    • Leading industrial centers: Ruhr and middle Rhine disctricts in Germany, the Lorraine Saar district in france.
  • Service and technology
    • 70% of workers in europe work in service industries


  • 58% of albanians workers work as farmers
  • In the United Kingdom less than 2% engage in agriculture
  • Mixed farming: Raising several kinds of crops and livestock on the same farm
  • Farm cooperatives: organizations in which farmers share growing organizations
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