Summary 13.2: Future challenges

Main Idea: European countries are uniting to develop ways of protecting and restoring the regions environment

Important places:

  • Bialowieza Forest in Belarus, and Poland
  • Danube River
  • Black Sea

Important details:

  • Europeans want to preserve what wildlife is still left
  • Many forests are home to many different animals
  • EU member countries can face legal issues if not keeping there country environmentally protected
  • In Western Europe the people put acid-resistant coatings due to the pollution
  • Pollution in the Danube River threatens wildlife in its outlet the black sea
  • People know it is necessary to have clean water but don’t have the money to do anything
  • Power plants now burn natural gas instead lignite coal
  • By 2020 EU member countries will reduce the emissions level by 30% below 1990s level to reduce greenhouse gases
  • Some countries are producing alternate fuels; such as Sweden which produced the first biogas passenger train
  • Biogas is decomposing of organic material, less damaging than fossil fuels
  • To be admitted in to the EU, the countries are expected to meet EU environmental standards
  • Now East European countries are seeking the financial aid from west Europe and the united states
  • East Europe has gotten new technology and money to help modernize there industries

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