Settling Russia

By: Shawqi Musallam

I have decided to move my group out of central Asia due to the land becoming less fertile and we are not next to a river. I have thought about three factors that are important, the land needs to have fertile soil, needs to be next to a river so we can fish, and we need to have a place to build our wooden houses on. We left Central Asia and headed northeastward. We stopped on the Central Siberian Plateau but decided that we could not stay here under the harsh conditions so we went more westward. Our next stop was on the West Siberian Plain between the Tobol and Ob River. This land has fertile soil, or chernozem, we are next to a river so we can fish, and the land will hold our wooden houses. There are no other ethnic groups nearby, due to the swamplands a few miles away. This land will be good for future generations due to the fertile soil, the land is strong and sturdy which will hold wooden houses for centuries, the rivers will last for a long time, we can fish, and we can expand our group on the land.

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