Movements for Change

–    New ideas about political and economic systems led to change in Russia

Fall of the Soviet Union

–    The soviet Union’s weak economy led to the fall of the SU

–    1985 Mikhail Gorbachev assumed power in the SU

–    Mikhail Gorbachev a reform-minded official

–    Perestroika- economic restructuring

–    Glasnost- policy of greater political openness

–    1989 many satellites overthrew their  communist ruler

–    A failed coup in 1991 to overthrow Gorbachev collapsed

–    12 of the 15 countries became member of the Commonwealth of Independent States

–    3 Baltic countries did not

–    Boris Yeltsin was elected the first president of the Russian republic and became the leader of devastated Russia

A New Russia

–    Russia moved from command economy to a market economy

–    Closing outdated factories and restructuring agriculture

–    The inflation was 1500 percent in 1992 and fell to below 20 percent by 1997

–    Separatist movements and ethnic conflict also threatened the stability of Russia

–    In 1990s, Tatarsan, Dagestan, and other ethnic territories demanded greater self-rule

–    Boris Yeltsin’s successor, Vladimir Putin, inherited those conflicts when he became president in 1999

–    Putin helped stabilize the economy by instituting reforms in labor, banking,  and private property

–    He also helped Russia get involved with NATO through the NATO Russia Council

–    2004, Putin instituted changes that were seen by many as taking a step away from democracy


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