The Black Earth Belt

My people and I have been searching for land fit for agriculture. After living in the West Siberian Plain, which is swampy and has infertile soil, we knew we needed a place with much more fertile soil. Also, along with the fertile land, we needed an adequate amount of resources in order to survive. So, we decided to travel west. We moved towards the Northern European Plain, and ended up in the northern part. It was very similar to our old home, being swampy due to poor drainage. From there, we decided to move south. We finally arrived in the Black Earth Belt, a plain of rich, black soil called chernozem. Also, the Volga River is right next to us, so it will provide water. Also, there are forests nearby to the east that we can get shelter from. This land fits all of our desires, so I believe it is a wonderful place for survival, providing opportunities for food, water, and land.

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“Soil.jpg.” Photograph. Black Earth. Nova Online, 2011. Web. February 1, 2012.

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