Fictional Passage


I am the leader a group called the Black Casps.  We are between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.  We were originally called the Niz, but we attacked and invaded by the Donokar, which was a group that was to the North of us when we were in the Northern European Plains.  We were forced to move into a new region that had a better living and that had a defensive structure, so we went south down to the Caucasus Mountains.  We are on the bottom part of the mountain because it has good hunting and it has plenty of mountains and peaks that we can hide behind and jump out and ambush them if they are trying to attack us.

The Caucasus Mountain are a great place to live because they have important minerals such as: gold, chromium, copper, iron ore, coal, zinc, uranium, and many more.  They also have energy such as alunite, mercury, and manganese.  Another reason that a good place to live is because there are two seas that are next to you.  This will make it easier to trade with other groups and countries.  The only bad thing about living here was that we had to compromise with other groups like the Slavs, Chechen, Dagestan, and the Ingushetians.  The compromise was called the Compromise of Slagestian.  We pasted the Black Earth Belt that was a very good place to live if you were a farmer, but it was not a good place for defense and to protect us from invaders.

I think that living in this place will help my generation survive for a long time because it will provide protection from attackers and then we can ambush them. It has good climate which allows for good living condition which also allows animals to come back to the region and that will allow us to hunt.

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