Nationalism in Chechnya

History of Tension

–    Chechnya has been occupied by Turks and the Russians

What is the History of the Conflict?

–    Russia has controlled Chechnya for a long time

–    It has maintained a cultural heritage

–    Chechens have their own language and are predominately Sunni Muslim

–    These differences have fueled the Chechen’s desire for independence

–    Chechens have tried to fight for autonomy but fail

–    Russia has many reason for keeping Chechnya’s status a republic of the Russian Federation

–    Several oil and gas pipelines run through Chechnya

–    If Chechnya was independent it would bring an uprising to other ethnic groups

What is the Current Political Climate?

–    In 2000, Russian President Vladimir Putin est. a direct rule of Chechnya to try to stop the rebels

–    In 2003 a new constitution was passed in referendum

–    Chechnya is still a part of the Russian Federation

–    The new Chechen gov’t is struggling to quash the violence by the Chechen rebels

  • They are still fighting for independence and to bring stability and peace to Chechnya
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