Imperialism: Good and Bad?

By: Shawqi Musallam

Imperialism can be seen as a good or bad thing, this depends on opinions and a certain perspective. When the English colonies invaded India, many different people had opposing opinions on whether it was good or bad. The colonies use mercantilism, or have colonies go from the mother land and take resources from other countries and bring them back. Imperialism is economic and political domination, in this caused Britain has gained political and economical domination over India. There is arguments for and against imperialism, both having different perspectives.

There is advantages of having imperialism for the colonizer and for the colony. Some say that the colony benefits from imperialism because it helps to urbanize the country by adding “roads, canals, railways, and telegraphs.(doc.1)” This comes form the perspective of a colonizer, he says that it benefits the colonizer too because they gain resources to take back to the motherland by taking control of “garden spots.(doc.1)” During these acts of imperialism, many called the colonizers a British raj, or British empire.

Even though there is advantages of imperialism, not far behind is the disadvantages for the colony. Before India was colonized they had there own type of industries making “ships, metal, glass, and paper.(Doc.7)” This was broken up by the colonies and there new industries. This led to “unemployment and poverty of the country growing.(Doc.7)” Under this perspective of a colonizer shows how they felt as the colonies took everything they knew away. In 1947 India gained its independence, but they did not get it by using violence. Mohandas Ghandi led a group of nonviolent protestors to get back there independence. Ghandi taught them many things, and they won independence nonviolently.

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