Monsoon Rains

Monsoons in South Asia determine many of the characteristics of the seasons. The three distinct seasons include:

    • Hot (late February to June)
    • Wet (June/July to September)
    • Cool (October to late February)

      The hot season in India

During the hot season, the air becomes heated, causing it to rise and change direction. Because of this, the winds bring moist air from the south into the southwest. These monsoons cause heavy rainfall, which sometimes leads to flooding.

In the cool season, Air from Asia’s interior cools down and switches direction oncemore. It then moves South towards the ocean.

the wet season in Bangladesh

The monsoon rains are heaviest in the east. When they move towards the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta, the Himalayas block the rains from moving north, causing them to move west instead. They travel to the Gangetic Plain, supplying rainfall for crops.

The arrival of monsoons are celebrated throughout South Asia, for they are seen as a pathway to abundant crops. Without the rains, farmers cannot produce as much crops, causing many farmers to depend on the rains.

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