Ganges River

The Ganges River is the most important river in South Asia because it provides enough water for farming and for living.  The Ganges is located at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains, flowing east from them.  The River ifs fed from snowcapped peaks.  It is dangerous to live near the Ganges River because during the summer monsoon, heavy rains can cause devastating floods.

The Ganges River flooding after Monsoon Rains

The Ganges has a religious background to it because it was a named after the Hindu goddess Ganga.  The Ganges River has a plain that is the world’s longest alluvial plain.  The plain is so alluvial that people have cleared almost all of the Gangetic Plain’s grasslands and forest to make crops such as rice, sugarcane, and jute.  The Ganges River is important to the people because of the fertile land that it brings and the water that the people use to drink and for cropping.

This person is working in his farm next to the Ganges River

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