Imperialism in India was a good and bad thing. It had brought some country to civilization, but, on the other hand, it also gave control to the European, giving them opportunity to have the highest position that wanted to.
Imperial was beneficial to India because the Europeans would bring the nation the things that they needed like foodstuffs and manufactures. By bringing the things that they need Indian were able to develop the territory is building road, canals, railways, and telegraphs. The Europeans also could establish schools and newspapers for the people of India. The Europeans also had brought peace and order to the nation when they had imperialized India. India people had also gained an education and justice that helped the economy. Romesh Dutt says, “Englishmen… have given the people of India the greatest human blessing – peace. They introduced Western education” (Document 3). By giving India education it brought “modern thought, modern science, and modern life” (Document 3). Some others benefits that the imperialism of India had brought to them were transportation, sanitation, industrialization, famine, agricultural wealth, stopped the killing of female babies, and the slave was ended. Without imperializing India may have not been where it is today.
Some arguments that think that imperialism was bad and hurt India were that it gave total control of the government over the country to the Europeans, but it left none for the people. Giving European total control meant that the Europeans could have any position that they wanted to without the consent of the people. Nehru says, “other old Indian Industries – shipbuilding, metalwork, glass, paper – and many other craft were broken up.” This had stopped the economic development of India and the growth of new industry was prevented. This had led to poverty throughout India. Gandhi didn’t think that the imperialism of India was need and he thought they should drive the Europeans away because they had disregarded the Indian’s feelings and treated them badly and they had took over the government and gave themselves the highest position. When the country was imperialized the economy had went down because of how much poverty there was.
Imperialism is a win-lose situation meaning that it’s a good and bad decision. Through imperialism they had got many things that they had need to improve the country, but then the economy had been changed and poverty rates had went up.

“Imperialism in India: An Evaluation.” Episcopal Collegiate. 2012. Print. 28 March 2012.

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