Unregistered Pakistani-American lobbyist sentenced to 2 years in prison

By: Shawqi Musallam

A Pakistani-American man was sentenced Friday to two years in jail for conspiracy and tax violations while acting as an unregistered lobbyist for Pakistan. Syed Fai, a 62-year-old U.S. citizen living in a Washington, D.C., suburb, pleaded guilty in December. Fai served as director of the Kashmiri American Council, which was described as a non-governmental organization financed by Americans with the goal of increasing knowledge about Kashmir. According to court documents, the group actually got money from officials in the government of Pakistan, including members of the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, the Pakistani military spy agency commonly known as the ISI. The government said Fai conspired to hide the transfer of at least $3.5 million from the Pakistani government to pay for lobbying in the United States about Kashmir, a region long claimed by both Pakistan and India. “Mr. Fai spent 20 years operating the Kashmiri American Council as a front for Pakistani intelligence,” U.S. Attorney Neil MacBride said in a written statement. “He lied to the Justice Department, the IRS and many political leaders throughout the United States as he pushed the ISI’s propaganda on Kashmir.”

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