Borobudur Temple

The Borobudur Temple is a Buddhist shrine that looks like rectangular pyramid with the top of it cut off. It has statues of Asian that are sitting criss-cross and holding the Buddha sacred flower called the Lotus and also it has a pointy top kind of like a traffic cone figure sticking out from it. It is made of out of lava rock and lies on a hill. The whole structure is in the form of the sacred flower of Buddha, the Lotus. The shrine was used for pilgrimage; once a year Buddhists in Indonesia would celebrate Vesak at the monument.

The ancient relic was built by the Sailendra dynasty between 778 to 842 AD; 300 years before the Angkor Wat. This is a major source of the Indonesian culture, which is located on the Java Island. The people that helped create this artifact are mostly workforces such as sculptors, artists, statues and carving experts. The Borobudur has not changed overtime at all. It has been the same ever since it was built.

The culture that the Borobudur Temple has derived from is Buddhist, which came from China who has also had a major influence on the Java Islands. This artifact is important because it is Buddhist temple, but the majority religion in this region is Islam. This shows that there have been more than one influence in this area and there has been more than one religion. I don’t think that race, age, class, or gender has anything to do with artifact, but that it requires you to be Buddhist for you to praise there. My artifact will not be widely consumed because not everyone knows about or they don’t know enough about it to worship it.

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