Khmer temple of Prasat Phimai

Prasat Phimai was the Mahayana Buddhist sanctuary. Prasat Phimai itself and the associated temples of Phanomrung and Muangtam are among the finest Khmer monuments. They symbolize the testimony to the civilization, prosperity and wealth, and the power of the Khmer Empire at its peak.

After the fall of Ayutthaya Kingdom in 1767, attempts were made to set up Five separate areas , with Prince Teppipit, a son of king Boromakot, attempting to establish Phimai as one. The weakest of the five, Prince Teppipit was the first defeated and was executed in 1768. Phimai had also been an important town at the time of the Khmer. The temple Prasat Hin Phimai, located in the center of the town, was one of the major Khmer temples in ancient Thailand, connected with Angkor by an ancient Khmer Highway. The site is now protected as the Phimai historical park.From Phimai the historical route stretched out Southeast into the southern sub-region of the Khorat Plateau leading to the pass across the Phnom Dongrak mountain range on the Thai-Cambodian border.

The plan of the temple is a vast rectangle, 120 by 127 meters, enclosed with a laterite wall topped by a strong rim. At the four cardinal points are four gopurams in the middle of each side of the complex. Goupuram is the gateway into the temple. The first courtyard is imposing in its proportions and is mostly filled with four symmetrical L-shaped ponds, at each corner of which is the figure of five-headed naga with the tails meeting at the top of the stairs on each side of the ponds leading down to the water. These ponds are separated from each other by four paths leading to the four doors of the inner courtyard which appears to be floating like an island.

Prasat Phimai is very important to this culture, because of its physical territory located deep into the north-eastern part of Thailand which was once a territory of Khmer or what is modern day Cambodia, Phimai’s Architecture and cultural decorations are heavily influenced by Khmer cultures. Art and architecture shown on the temple itself shows a great evident of ancient Khmer civilization in what is modern day Thailand. Art and architecture shown on the temple itself shows a great evident of ancient Khmer civilization in what is modern day Thailand. This is very important to the people of this region. This is a place of prayer and serenity, and this is very important to this culture. In twenty years this will still be a significant artifact, because of the history portrayed in it, and the national park protection.

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