19. 2 Current Event: Egyptian military detains 300 protesters after unrest

About 300 people are still being detained after deadly clashes between protesters and security forces in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, military sources said. violence outside the defense ministry on Friday left one soldier dead and hundreds wounded. A curfew will be in force in the area around the ministry on Saturday night for the second night in a row. The violence comes less than three weeks before presidential polls. Military prosecutors say that the 300 people detained, including a number of journalists, will be held for 15 days while they’re investigated for their part in the clashes. But the authorities have moved to defuse the situation a little by saying they are releasing all the women who were arrested; activists say less than 20 women had been detained. The head of the ruling military council, Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, on Saturday attended the public funeral in Cairo of the soldier killed in the unrest.  The area is now reported to be calm after a curfew was imposed on Friday night.

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